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Celebrating the Harvest Festival with Center Parc

Dec. 03, 2020

Donna, Community Development Liaison, presents a donation on behalf of Center Parc Credit Union to the volunteers behind Morning Star Arts Creative Garden.

Every family deserves a healthy and bountiful meal on Thanksgiving. That’s why on Saturday, November 21st, the Garden City Homestead Association hosted a Harvest Festival in Garden City where more than 150 bags of fresh produce were harvested by volunteers and distributed to those in need. Thanks to these efforts, hundreds of families throughout Chatham County were able to supplement this year’s Thanksgiving meal with locally grown vegetables.

Helping members flourish is Center Parc’s passion, but it’s also important that we do our job to help the community flourish. As of December 1st, Center Parc has partnered with six community gardens throughout Chatham County. We are proud to share that each garden is thriving, and just in time for the holidays.

Center Parc is continually building relationships with organizations throughout Georgia that are dedicated to expanding and enhancing fresh food access, green spaces and physical activity through gardening in your neighborhood.

Below is a list of the gardens or organizations that have helped plant the roots of Center Parc’s Garden Community Garden Initiative:

Center Parc has plans to partner with even more gardens and important organizations this winter, so stay tuned for exciting updates! A strong community makes all our lives richer.

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