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Certificates of Deposit

Saving Made Easy!

If you are interested in receiving a higher rate of return on your hard-earned money, we’re here to help. Certificates of Deposit allow you to save and earn by locking your funds into our highest interest rates.* Choose the savings amount and timeframe that meet your individual needs. The longer you commit to saving, the more you’ll earn!

Learn more about Center Parc CDs and start saving for a brighter future today:

Standard Certificates of Deposit

The longer your term, the more money you’ll earn. Terms range from 91 days to 60 months.

Minimum opening deposit: $500

Jumbo CDs

Earn more on larger balances with 0.10% higher yield than a Standard Certificate.

Minimum opening deposit: $100,000

IRA Certificates of Deposit

Perfect for strengthening your retirement savings.

Minimum opening deposit: $2,000

First-Time Savers’ Certificates

Certificates are available to youth members ages 0 to 18. It’s never too early to start saving!

Minimum opening deposit: $250

Certificate rates are monitored weekly and can change based on the financial market conditions. However, once you “lock-in” a certificate term and rate, you are protected from downswings in market rates. Furthermore, unlike investments in the stock market or mutual funds, your deposits are safely insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a United States Government Agency.

Get Started

Not a member of Center Parc yet? It’s easy to apply online.

For additional information, call  800.849.8434 or contact us online.

*Rates are reviewed and updated weekly.

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