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Primary Savings Accounts

Start Your Savings Journey with a Primary Savings Account

Between bills, shopping and taxes, your paycheck probably pays a lot of other people. But what about you? A Center Parc Primary Savings Account is a great way to pay yourself first by setting aside money for a rainy day.

Plus, opening a Primary Savings Account makes you a member of Center Parc Credit Union. As a member, you become a part owner of our institution. That gives you access to our other awesome products including our Member Benefits Checking Account, our Center Parc Visa® cards, our full array of loan options and much more!

It’s Easy to Open and Save

All you need is $5 to open a Center Parc Primary Savings Account. Yep, that’s right – open an account with less than you usually spend on lunch.

Open your account today

Unlock Super Great Rates

Deposit $50 into your Primary Savings Account, and you start earning dividends at a highly competitive rate. In fact, since we’re a credit union, Center Parc can typically offer better interest rates than you’ll find at a big bank or other financial institution.

Dividends compound and credit to your account quarterly. That means you’ll have a little extra money to help grow your savings for whatever life adventure comes next.

Save for Something Specific

Once you’ve opened your Primary Savings Account, you may find that you’re saving for something a little more specific. If you need to save for a vacation, educational expenses or the holidays, check out Center Parc’s Club Savings Accounts.

Get Started

Not a member of Center Parc yet? It’s easy to apply online.

For additional information, call  800.849.8434 or contact us online.

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