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Savannah Community Gardens Initiative

Center Parc Credit Union recognizes the important role of community gardens in increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, providing and enhancing local green spaces, and encouraging all community members to engage in physical activity through gardening. To ensure all residents can realize the benefits of community gardens, Center Parc sponsors existing community garden programs that are equally dedicated to expanding and enhancing fresh food access, green spaces and physical activity through gardening. 


Any nonprofit organization operating and/or in the process of launching a community garden within Chatham, Effingham, and Bryan County, Georgia, is eligible to apply for sponsorship through the Center Parc Community Gardens Initiative. 

Sponsorship Award

Through its Community Gardens Initiative, Center Parc will sponsor up to 15 gardens in 2020. Organizations selected for sponsorship each will receive an award in an amount between $500 and $5,000 and, in some cases, additional volunteer and marketing support. 


Sponsorship applications are accepted and reviewed monthly.

Application Process

Please download the application, complete and send it to [email protected].

Reporting Requirements

Organizations that receive a garden sponsorship will be asked to provide Center Parc with a basic update on the progress of their garden to include photos within six months of award. It is the responsibility of the garden owner(s) to ensure photo consents are received from any volunteers, staff, participants within the photos submitted to Center Parc Credit Union. Photos will be used in marketing and promotional materials. Required updates may be emailed to [email protected].

Sponsor Expectations

a. Garden Owner(s) will display Center Parc signage 

b. Garden Owner(s) will recognize Center Parc as a sponsor/supporter within their social media/website or other public channel

c. Garden Owner(s) will work with Center Parc representative(s) to conduct a Giant Check presentation at the Garden Owner’s site within 2-4 weeks of sponsorship award notification

d. Garden Owner(s) will provide an update on the garden’s growth, community impact, to include pictures within 6 months of the sponsorship award. 

e. Garden Owner(s) will provide Center Parc with a contact of the communications/public relations person within their organization.

f. Garden Owner(s) will ensure photo consent(s) and/or consent(s) are received for all garden pictures which display persons/volunteers/staff/participants etc. submitted for Center Parc to utilize. 

g. Garden Owner(s) will submit W9 within a week of the award to [email protected]

h. Garden Owner(s) will submit logo / hyperlink to organization and/or community garden’s website to [email protected] (By doing so, you give permission to Center Parc to promote the sponsorship etc. throughout Center Parc social media/digital platforms.

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